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UPDATE 1/20/17

this is an update saying that i'm looking for interest to bring this site/fandom back.
but i'm only going to bring it back if there's a good amount of interested people to help rebuild the idea, give their input and feedback, and ultimately help it get off the ground.

so, if you're interested, please contact me via discord preferably, my username is gayzerteam, or send me a message on my rpg-d account located here.


Hey, everyone.

So, this is being said with a heavy heart, but Silent Hill is now closed. We've had a good run, having been open for almost three years now, but it's time to pack it in. With how limited time and interest is, I can't run the board anymore and I don't want to keep making empty promises.

Members may still log in and continue writing, but this board is officially closed. You can still contact me at my email found on my staff account.

- Mira, a.k.a. Kay
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